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Hi there and welcome to my Creative Jam – the place to be if you want to create a beautiful and affordable branding for your small business!

I am so excited you stopped in. Whether you are just starting off your small business and trying to create a website, need some help with your logo design or looking for some beautiful graphics for your website, blog or social media – I am here to help you pull it all together and make your vision come to life.

Designing a Visual Story for Your Business

Building Your Brand

In today’s fast changing world we need to make sure that we communicate with images as well as we do with words. My goal is to create a captivating, beautiful branding for small business and help your business grow. Let me help you build your visual story – let’s talk and figure out how to best develop your brand.

Your Online Presence

The internet is a vast place, and it can be hard to stick out from the crowd. I will take your ideas and work with you to make your digital presence “you”. After clarifying the goals for your website I will design a website that conveys your story to its visitors.

Stand Out

Your website is the face of your business, but it can be hard to direct traffic to your website without help. Through consistent design across both your print and digital presence, I will get you the recognition you need to keep your business flourishing. 

Beautiful Digital Branding for Your Small Business

Logos, Digital Gift Cards, Digital Flyers, Online Store Headers and more

  • Beautiful Digital Branding Logo
  • PureAllureLogo
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Header
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Flyer
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Flyer
  • Beautiful Digital Branding New Website
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Header Kaya
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Header Kaya
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Gift Card
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Flyer
  • Beautiful Digital Branding Shipping

Social Media Content for Your Brand

Sales and Promotions, Giveaways and more

Stationary for Your Brand

Beautiful Handmade Watercolor Thank You Cards, Product Cards and more

Web Development and Design

Building a website doesn’t have to be scary or expensive!

Let’s talk and find out the simplest way to create the most beautiful and affordable branding for your small business.

Take a look at some of the latest websites I have created:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?

I give estimates based on an hourly rate and on the common tasks required for your project. I will need more information about what you have and what we need before we can do that. Contact me, and I will reply with an estimate of the time required and a suggested budget.

Who owns the finished design?

My fees include licensing for all designs I have created specifically for my clients. Licensing for all assets will be included in your invoice, and all documentation will be transferred to you after the final invoice is closed.

Can you do it right now?

It is sometimes possible to do rush orders for an additional fee. Send me a message as soon as possible, and I will get back to you to let you know if I have space in my schedule for a rush order.

Tell us more

I love building visuals that communicate your message to the world. Let me know more about your business or project, and I will get back to you soon with new ideas on how you can communicate better with your customers.